Saturday, 30 October 2010


Try to guess the Spanish equivalent for the following idioms and proverbs:

To bring home the bacon
His bark is worse than his bite
To be full of beans
I wasn´t born yesterday
To rain buckets
To rain cats and dogs
To kick the bucket
To give the sack
To have a bun in the oven
To be in the family way
Let sleeping dogs lie
Cats have nine lives
Until the cows come home
The die is cast
Never say die
All dressed up and nowhere to go
To cost and arm and a leg
Go fly a kite!
To be a piece of cake
On Shanky´s pony
The show must go on
A stab in the back
To pull someone´s leg
As deaf as a post
As stubborn as a mule
Out of sight out of mind
To sleep like a log
To be dressed to kill
To kill two birds with a stone
To go down like ninepins
Hold your horses!

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