Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Debéis estar en el Colegio a las 9:15 el próximo sábado.

No olvidéis... bolígrafo, lápiz, goma de borrar, DNI y vuestra hoja de candidato impresa ( la que os han mandado de Cambridge).

9:30 h. Reading & Writing

11:30 h. Listening

12:30 h. Fin

13:00 - 17:26 Speaking


Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Hi! Os pongo el link para pedir la Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

3rd Term

You are free to choose the topic you like to talk about in your film. 

If the group consists of 4 people, the film has to have a duration of 5 minutes. If the group is bigger, it hast to last a bit more ( you do the math). 

If you want to add your ottakes, these won’t be taken into account in the duration of the movie ( that would be extra).

Evaluation criteria

Originality (main idea, script)  2 points
Pronunciation 2 p
Video edition ( good quality image and sound) 2 p
Report 1 p
Classwork  ( exercises, essays, texts…)  3 points


Letras: 11 th May

Ciencias: 14th May


Thursday, 5 February 2015



 1) You should film a short video saying the 6 different idioms I gave you in class. That'll be in English.

 a- literal translation.

b- give an example.

 c- write an equivalent in English.

 d- Find the origin of, at least, 3 idioms.

  Deadline: 12th , March

 2) every pair must interview 4 different people from Secondary Education. That'll be in Spanish. I'll give you the names as soon as I know who are the "best".


 a. definitions.

  b. Idioms to explain or to continue ( if they don't know the correct answer, tell them to imagine)

c. What would you do if...

d. Famous people ( pictures). A pair from your class is going to ask for some pics of your teachers when they were kids.

 e. Stupid questions to answer.

 There are 5 lessons left, so I'd like to start filming the students next week, but first I have to check their timetable and ask the teachers if there's no problem with taking them out of the class for ...15 mins?


  Idioms movie ( individual mark) Filmed at home

 Good quality sound (the idiom you're talking about appears in the video) (1 point)
 your pronunciation is good and fluent (3 points)
 your writing ( the things you'll say given to me in advance to mark) (1 point)
 you don't read a script but say it by heart.   (1 point)

  Your interviews ( mark in pairs) Filmed at school

 Good quality, the video is edited ( it contains the title and/ or the picture they're talking about) (3 points)
 originality. (1 point)

therer's a point left...