Thursday, 5 February 2015



 1) You should film a short video saying the 6 different idioms I gave you in class. That'll be in English.

 a- literal translation.

b- give an example.

 c- write an equivalent in English.

 d- Find the origin of, at least, 3 idioms.

  Deadline: 12th , March

 2) every pair must interview 4 different people from Secondary Education. That'll be in Spanish. I'll give you the names as soon as I know who are the "best".


 a. definitions.

  b. Idioms to explain or to continue ( if they don't know the correct answer, tell them to imagine)

c. What would you do if...

d. Famous people ( pictures). A pair from your class is going to ask for some pics of your teachers when they were kids.

 e. Stupid questions to answer.

 There are 5 lessons left, so I'd like to start filming the students next week, but first I have to check their timetable and ask the teachers if there's no problem with taking them out of the class for ...15 mins?


  Idioms movie ( individual mark) Filmed at home

 Good quality sound (the idiom you're talking about appears in the video) (1 point)
 your pronunciation is good and fluent (3 points)
 your writing ( the things you'll say given to me in advance to mark) (1 point)
 you don't read a script but say it by heart.   (1 point)

  Your interviews ( mark in pairs) Filmed at school

 Good quality, the video is edited ( it contains the title and/ or the picture they're talking about) (3 points)
 originality. (1 point)

therer's a point left...

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