Friday, 26 November 2010

Mr Bean getting up late for the dentist


alarm clock, safety razor, get stuck,get dressed,pyjamas,socks,steering wheel, rondabout, feet, brush his teeth, tootbrush, toothpaste,spit,bottom,traffic warden, pour water, jar, take a seat, drill, filling, syringe, anaesthetize, inject, anaesthesia, absorb, nurse

1.What time did Mr. Bean get up? __________________________
2. Why did he get up late? ________________________________
3. Where did he put his alarm clock? ________________________
4. Was Mr. Bean fully awake when he got up? __________________
5. What did Mr. Bean do with the curtains?____________________
6. After opening the curtains, what did he do next? ______________________________
7. What kind of appointment did he have at 9:00 A.M?__________________________
8. What clothes did Mr. Bean take off in the car? _________________________________
9. What clothes did he put on? ______________________
10. Did he brush his teeth? ________________________________
11. Who did he see when he got out of the car? _______________________
12. Why was the police officer looking at his trousers? ___________________________

14.Was he late for his appointment? ___________________________________
15. Who did he first meet at the dentist’s clinic? _______________________________
16. What did the nurse tell him? _______________________
17. What book did he want to read? ______________________
18. Who was reading the comic book? ____________________
19. How did he get the comic book from the boy? ____________________________________
20. What happened when he started reading the comic book?____________________________
21. What is a syringe? Who uses it?____________________

Monday, 15 November 2010


Describe the following things:

How he feels while he is on the island

all the things you can see: the places, the character´s looks,

Why do you think he draws a face on a ball?

What happens at the end of the trailer? What do you think about their relationship?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Mr Bean

Mr Bean at the Mall


Credit card, shop assistant, perfume, try, towel, fish, frying pan, coat, escalator, toothbrush, pay by check/in cash, make a mistake, account, withdraw money,wallet, knife, toilet paper, floor, mirror, kitchen utensils, peeler.

Comprehension questions

1. What does Mr. Bean want to do at the shopping mall?
2. Does Mr. Bean like the smell of perfumes? ___________________
3. What does he do with the toothbrush? __________________________
4. After trying the toothbrush, does he take the same one?
5. What does he want to buy next? _________________________
6. What does he do with the towel? _________________________
7. How does he get to the second floor? _____________________________________
8. What does he want to buy at the kitchen utensil shelves?
9. How does he know the correct knife (peeler knife) to buy?
10. How does he try the frying pan?
11. What does he want to buy next?
12. How does Mr. Bean want to pay?
13. What happens when he tries to pay?
14. What should Mr. Bean have said when the man mistakenly took his card?