Friday, 26 November 2010

Mr Bean getting up late for the dentist


alarm clock, safety razor, get stuck,get dressed,pyjamas,socks,steering wheel, rondabout, feet, brush his teeth, tootbrush, toothpaste,spit,bottom,traffic warden, pour water, jar, take a seat, drill, filling, syringe, anaesthetize, inject, anaesthesia, absorb, nurse

1.What time did Mr. Bean get up? __________________________
2. Why did he get up late? ________________________________
3. Where did he put his alarm clock? ________________________
4. Was Mr. Bean fully awake when he got up? __________________
5. What did Mr. Bean do with the curtains?____________________
6. After opening the curtains, what did he do next? ______________________________
7. What kind of appointment did he have at 9:00 A.M?__________________________
8. What clothes did Mr. Bean take off in the car? _________________________________
9. What clothes did he put on? ______________________
10. Did he brush his teeth? ________________________________
11. Who did he see when he got out of the car? _______________________
12. Why was the police officer looking at his trousers? ___________________________

14.Was he late for his appointment? ___________________________________
15. Who did he first meet at the dentist’s clinic? _______________________________
16. What did the nurse tell him? _______________________
17. What book did he want to read? ______________________
18. Who was reading the comic book? ____________________
19. How did he get the comic book from the boy? ____________________________________
20. What happened when he started reading the comic book?____________________________
21. What is a syringe? Who uses it?____________________

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