Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Juvenes Translatores

Click here to practice for your contest that's taking place in  a week.

Tip: read at least 20 minutes a day and write down new words related to the topic " cultural identity".
This will come in handy for the competition.


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Juvenes Translatores

Well, our school's been selected to take part in the translation contest I told you about last week.

Just 5 students are needed to participate in this competition organised by the European Commission, so I'll talk to you next week and register the ones that are interested in this. 

If there are more than five people, I'm afraid we'll have to do like a test or something to check and choose the people who show a better ability to transmit the correct meaning.

If we are lucky enough and one of you is the winner, that student, a parent and a teacher ( please, me) will go to Brussels to attend a celebration where the prizes will be given. Don't worry, we won't have to pay for anything.

Have a nice weekend!

See you.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Music vids

Almudena's group, here are your songs... Remember to use the chorus or some sentences. ABBA QUEEN Suggestions for the rest... RED HOT CHILY PEPPERS COLDPLAY
Some ideas

Monday, 6 October 2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Silent Movie ( Ciencias)

Hi there! As I told you in class the other day, I'd like you to act (at least this term). We all have to decide whether to film a short story or a long one ( that means we need 2 terms, who knows-maybe the 3 of them)

 Since you are a relatively small group, I want everyone to take part in this silent movie: everyone has to act, write the script ( yep, I know it's a silent movie but we have to tell a story , don't we???, decide and give their opinions, help filming, etc.

 I've been checking on the internet and looking for things to do so have a look at the vids below. Do you dare dance like those two ladies? It doesn't seem that difficult, does it? I'm willing to help with the dancing stuff if needed.


Music for every scene

 For Letras, since it IS a much bigger group ( you can double the other one), I think it's best if you film a short movie in groups of 3 or 4 people. You are free to choose the topic of your movie.

  Evaluation criteria

 You are able to work in group and prove it . 10%

 Your pronunciation is evaluated in Proyecto as well so practice at home a lot. 20%

 Also your writing will be evaluated although it would be in groups 20%

 I think creativity, originality and how well your video is edited should have a good punctuation here 30%

 The way you act is important as well 10%

 You must hand in a kind of report saying the problems you have had to face, how you have solved them, an opinion about your project... 10%

 IMPORTANT: as you can have checked you will be evaluated individually and in group, that means  not everyone in the same group will have the same marks ( it can depend -or not). I'll post some videos that might help you.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Want to say my goodbyes

Hi there,

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year but it is different from the rest of years you’ve been students.why? well, you have to sit some difficult exams in order to enroll in a “good” uni, at least the one in which you want to spend 4 unforgettable years -minimum.

I’d have loved to tell you all something but you know, I’m a bit shy for that, so I thought it would be great if I could leave a message on my blog for those who visit it ( I hope somebody does…)

I reckon every teacher has told you to come and visit whenever you are back here, yes in this town you’ll find a bit difficult to miss.

It’s been a pleasure having you as pupils. You know, it’s normal to get on well with some, not everybody. I suppose that’s due to the same interests.

You’ve been a group I’ll miss deeply. Maybe because I was your “tutor teacher” once.
Anyway, you know we are at your disposal even if you are not students of ours any more ( perhaps I’m talking too much . I mean,  mail me if I can help with whatever is bothering you. Being a sleep-deprived person is no laughing matter.

Good luck!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

PI 2014

I'm going to give you two options this last term.

1) Another video.
2) A power point presentation ( 6 points) with some info about a country. It will be like a tourist guide in which you have to plan a trip to a country for a week. You will have to present it in class ( 2 points)  and print a leaflet you hace to create in class ( 2 points)

No pongáis tanto texto en el power point, leed la información que encontéis, lo que recuerdes de ella, coméntala con tu compañero, eso será lo que deberás poner. No entréis en tantos detalles con multitud de porcentajes. Si poneís mucho texto en las diapositivas, vuestros oyentes no os escucharán, se limitarán a leerla ( they can read as well)
Cuando expongáis, llevadlo preparado, no os limitéis a leer de la diapositiva. Es muuuuuuuy aburrido.

Os doy la info imprimida, mejor

Monday, 24 February 2014


In relation to pronunciation ( 3 points) , you will be evaluated according to your “performance”. I recommend checking on the internet how to pronounce the words you aren’t quite sure  how they are pronounced. If you are filming a music video, it’s going to be a bit complicated to distinguish your voice, so what we can do is that apart from singing, I’m afraid you’ll have to talk a bit …I don’t know…maybe about yourself, your opinion on this project…

Originality ( 2 points), your “short movie” needs to be original if you want to get a high mark.

Written text ( 1 point), you need to write  the things you are going to talk about in your clip ( interviews, presentations, dialogues, opinions…) Please, give them to me to have them corrected for you BEFORE filming. NOTE: if you copy your “project” from the internet, you won’t get any grade here.

Quality and video edition ( 2 points). I don’t expect you to be “professionals” but what I do expect is a nice video ( good sound quality and video edition)

Classwork ( 1 point) needless to say you have a lesson per week to work on your project.

Report ( 1 point). I need a bit of feedback. I want you to write a report with the following information:

-                              How you have divided your project ( tasks and people in charge).
-                               The problems you’ve had to face and how you’ve solved them.
-                              The things you’ve learnt from doing your video.
-                             A personal evaluation.

DEADLINE17th March ( Letras) and 18th March ( Ciencias)

Your video has to last at least 3 minutes, depending on how many people there are in your group.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014