Saturday, 27 September 2014

Silent Movie ( Ciencias)

Hi there! As I told you in class the other day, I'd like you to act (at least this term). We all have to decide whether to film a short story or a long one ( that means we need 2 terms, who knows-maybe the 3 of them)

 Since you are a relatively small group, I want everyone to take part in this silent movie: everyone has to act, write the script ( yep, I know it's a silent movie but we have to tell a story , don't we???, decide and give their opinions, help filming, etc.

 I've been checking on the internet and looking for things to do so have a look at the vids below. Do you dare dance like those two ladies? It doesn't seem that difficult, does it? I'm willing to help with the dancing stuff if needed.


Music for every scene

 For Letras, since it IS a much bigger group ( you can double the other one), I think it's best if you film a short movie in groups of 3 or 4 people. You are free to choose the topic of your movie.

  Evaluation criteria

 You are able to work in group and prove it . 10%

 Your pronunciation is evaluated in Proyecto as well so practice at home a lot. 20%

 Also your writing will be evaluated although it would be in groups 20%

 I think creativity, originality and how well your video is edited should have a good punctuation here 30%

 The way you act is important as well 10%

 You must hand in a kind of report saying the problems you have had to face, how you have solved them, an opinion about your project... 10%

 IMPORTANT: as you can have checked you will be evaluated individually and in group, that means  not everyone in the same group will have the same marks ( it can depend -or not). I'll post some videos that might help you.

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