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John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 ( during WWII).

Little John with his uncle George.
John with his auntie Mimi, who took care of him on his childhood.
John's father, Freddie Lennon, wasn't a very good dad. Their parents got divorced when he was 5. His dad didn't want to know anything about John till he became rich and famous. What a cheek!

You can see John and his mother Julia, who taught him how to play the banjo and ukelele. Unfortunately, she was killed by a car driven by a drunk off-duty policeman.
The Quarrymen, John's first band. He was aged 15 when he met Paul McCartney...and the story begins right here...
Gorgeous Cynthia Powell, John's first wife. At the beginning of their career, The Beatles didn't want people to know he was married. Young girls were crazy about them...

He married his second wife, Yoko Ono, on 19th, March, 1969, in Gibraltar. For some people she was responsible for The Beatles' break-up.Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon. You can tell which one is Yoko's and who's Cynthia's.

John having a lollipop while resting from shooting "How I Won the War", a film made in Almería.

He also wrote 2 books.
He was very creative, he tried drawing as well.

During the Vietnam War, they spent 2 weeks in bed asking for peace. One in Montreal and another one in Amsterdam.

Mark David Chapman assassinated John on December 8, 1980 outside The Dakota Building, where Lennon lived with his wife, Yoko Ono. Mad Mark asked him for an autograph and while taking a picture of them he said , " This picture will be historic!". Later that night, he went back to the building and waited for John to arrive. When he saw Lennon he asked: "Mr. Lennon?". Then, he aimed 5 shots at him and , unfortunately, 4 of them hit him in the back.

He claimed he had heard a voice encouraging him to kill this great singer..

R.I.P. Mr. Lennon!!

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