Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time's up!! Some people haven't done anything. Well, we know everything we do has its consequences. I don't want to have people around moaning, just because you CAN'T have an excuse but 2 whole months to prepare this activity and one more week for the Power Point. I know you're very busy with other subjects, sometimes you forget PROYECTO is another one ( with no exams just to help students get better marks). Anyway, those who did this ( procrastinating...)...well done, but... La próxima vez no lo dejéis todo para cinco minutos antes de la fecha límite.

I could hear los tambores de fondo!!



  1. Teacher, we have already uploaded the work of this evaluation to the blog. When you want to see it. Xipixop :)

  2. Yesterday at 12:45, every student has their own mark depending on the things they sent me or uploaded onto Voxopop and blog.

    That's ok if you have already uploaded the presentation. I'm afraid I don't have time to have a look at it right now. Just seen 50 slides, looks great!!



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