Monday, 3 December 2012

2nd term ( 2ª evaluación)


You are going to create a fictional bussiness with Encarni in her subject. In Proyecto, we are going to design some leaflets about the bussiness you have chosen, you'll have to make a power point presentation and "sell" your products in class.  When everything's ready, I'll let you know  the steps you have to follow.


I'm emailing with a Turkish teacher to create a kind of Comenius project with his/her school in Istanbul. I don't know yet if we could do that. It would be a blog where you have to post/ upload your presentations or videos  talking about Spain ( traditions, educational system, subjects, teenagers, etc)

If we can't do that...we could translate a play into English or choose one of some I'll show you and perform it.

The third option I gave you was to do some research on climate change ( which was rejected!)


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