Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mr. Bean in Room 426 Part 1


Before watching the video. Answer the following questions:

1. Where did you spend your last holiday?
2.What did you do in this place you went to?
3.How did you get there?
4.Who did you go with?
5.Where did you spend the night?
6. What is your most memorable holiday? Why?


1. What do you do when you first arrive at the hotel?
2.Who do you usually meet at the reception?
3.What do people do at the reception when they first arrive at the hotel?
4.Have you ever checked into a hotel?
5.What information do people usually fill into the form at the reception?
6.What things do people usually take along when they travel?


Hotel, reception,check in, fill a form, suitcase,bellhop ( bellboy), guest,elevator/lift, forget, button,steering wheel, remote control, corridor, pretend, drawer,switch,receptionist,tip, I.D card, driving license, passport, drill, teddy bear,change channels,jump, switch on and off,duvet,complain,stand on,blindfold,a pair of socks, a pair of jeans, receptionist,mattress,

Complete the following exercise with the vocabulary above ( according to their meaning):(TO DO IN CLASS)


things or places in a building/bedroom/hotel:

people or jobs:

things in a bedroom:

things we do:


Mr Bean at the hotel

Answer these comprehension questions( HOMEWORK)

1. What does Mr. Bean want to do at the hotel reception?
2. What does the bellhop want from him?
3. What does he do with the switch when he gets into the room?
4. Who gets into the room first? Mr. Bean or the other guest?
5. What does he hear when he picks up the phone?
6. What was Mr. Bean doing before the bellhop knocked on his door?
7. Why does the bellhop clear his throat? What does he want?
8. What does Mr. Bean think? What does he offer him?
9. What device does Mr. Bean find on the TV? What is it used for?
10. Who comes out to the corridor and why?
11. What does Mr. Bean pretend to do?
12. What does he take out of his suitcase? Where does he put it? What happens?
13. What other things does he take out of his suitcase?
14. Can you hear an animal? Do you know what it is?

GROUP TASK( TO DO IN CLASS): Work in groups and create dialogues for the receptionist, Mr Bean and the bellhop. What did they have to say that they didn´t say in the movie?

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