Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mr Bean (lunchtime)

A) Learn these useful words: garden,bread,hot water bottle,sneeze,scissors,spin,surface,take out,overcoat,spices,butter,food item,armpit,squeeze,crush,scrape,lettuce,first,second,third,next,then,finally.

Language focus: adverbs of sequence: first,second,next,finally...

Skills focus: describing a sequence.

B) Answer the following questions:

1. What does Mr. Bean do when he first gets into the garden?

2.What does he want to do?

3.What does the man sitting next to him offer?

4.What food item dies he take out of his overcoat first?

5.What does he do then?

6.What does he do after cutting the bread?

7.What does he use to scrape the surface of the butter?

8.After putting the butter on the sandwich, what does Mr. Bean take out next?

9.What does he do with the lettuce?

10.After spinning the lettuce in his sock, what does he do next?

11.What does he take out next?

12.What does he do with it?

13.What does he take out next?

14.What does he do with the spices?

15.After putting the spices on the sandwich what does he take out then?

16.Where does he put the hot water bottle?

17.What does he next take out?

18.What does he do next?

19.What happens finally?

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